Say No To Cookie Cutter Diets!

With new fad diets, weight loss programs, diet templates, and guarantees of losing 50+ pounds it is easy to constantly be attracted to the new and shiny promises put out there by so called fitness/nutrition experts. It is important to remember that the majority of these “experts” are strictly out for your money and not much else. They are not concerned with walking through the process with you. A cookie cutter template will be placed in your hands and the rest is up to you.

This is where the problem lies; your ideal nutrition plan should be individualized and the ability to be tweaked here and there when life throws curve balls. Nutrition should support your lifestyle and goals. Lose your 50+ pounds, run a 5k this year, continue to play with your grandchildren for years to come… but do it with a professional by your side fine-tuning and helping you achieve a healthier life. Your journey to an improved you should have a support staff able to keep you on track, even after some derailments.


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