B.S. Kinesiology, University of Kentucky

I have always been active throughout my entire life but I was most active during my high school career where I participated in JROTC, wrestling, Exit 1 Show Choir, theater, cheer leading, and Zumba club. From participating in all of these extracurricular activities, I learned different forms and types of exercise that I now use to create well-rounded and versatile fitness programming for both myself and my clients.
I plan on using the knowledge I've obtained from earning my degree i kinesiology to help design exercise programs that are more tailored toward the client. I want to ensure that an individual isn't just working out, but also enjoying this new lifestyle. There are too many benefits of regular exercise from decreasing risk for certain diseases and illness to having a better quality of life. My desire is to help heal a world fixated in taking medicine to fix all their problems when, by simply routinely working out, one can take control of the life they want to live.