Hometown: Pikeville

Education: B.S. in Exercise Science at Eastern Kentucky University

Certification: AFAA - Athletics and Fitness Association of America
Specialties: Athletic Performance (speed and agility), Metabolic Training, Weight Loss, Hypertrophy Training, Strength Training, Functional Training, and General Fitness
Hobbies: Weight Training, Hiking, Camping, Volleyball, Spending time with family, Traveling, and Eating
Training Philosophy: My goal with every client starts with building a structurally solid foundation. This includes addressing any postural imbalances, overactive/under active musculature, and preexisting injuries. Doing so enables each client to perform the exercises necessary to achieve their individual, unique goals in the most efficient, injury-preventive manner. I just my approach to training each client based on their particular needs.
Favorite Quote: "We are all broken, that's how light gets in".
- Ernest Hemmingway