Physical Therapy University of Kentucky M.H.S. Master of Health Science, Medical University of South Carolina *Certifications Multi Cervical Unit Trainer

Bob has extensive experience in cardiac rehabilitation, rehabilitation of industrial injuries, treatment of headaches and post whiplash syndrome, and orthopedic rehabilitation. He has done research on the treatment of trigger points and in developing norms for neck strength in normal adults.
For the past 10 years Bob has concentrated on the use of the Multi Cervical Unit in treatment of chronic neck weakness, headaches and post whiplash syndrome. The MCU is specifically and uniquely designed to treat weakness of the neck. The MCU allows exercise resistance to be adjusted in increments as small as a quarter of a pound to allow those with even extreme weakness to participate in a strengthening program. It is the ability to strengthen the small neck muscles important for posture and support of the head in multiple planes that makes it so effective.
The relationship between neck weakness, headaches and poor posture has become more apparent in the past few years. Through his extensive work, research and experience Bob has developed a series of posture exercises, strength analysis, and progressive exercise system that provides an individual program based on the variables of each person. In most individuals improvement is apparent in only a few weeks. This program has been effective in treating persons who have had problems for several years. The key to success is the restoration of proper postural alignment and neck strength.
The initial examination to determine whether a person is likely to achieve success with this program can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes.