Health and Fitness Memberships In Lexington KY

Health and Fitness Memberships of Lexington KY

Everyone has pain or weight control issues sometime in their lives. You know you need to start an exercise program, but you have tried various health clubs or gyms that were intimidating, crowded, or just plain confusing to you. We can always find reasons not to exercise: no motivation, boring, too tired, not enough time, or worried about an old injury. If you have joined a health club and returned a few times, not at all, or this scenario sounds familiar, come see the difference. We promise to do everything we can to deliver results and keep you focused long-term.
Our membership patients come to us from Nicholasville, Lexington, Georgetown, Winchester and Versailles.


Fitness Membership

Your safety and comfort level are very important to us. We provide numerous options for you to continue your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. At Body Structure, we offer a fitness membership different from any other program in the Lexington area. We limit our facility to four hundred memberships to eliminate waiting for machinery or overcrowding in general.
We do not have enrollment or initiation fees. We assess each individual by offering three different levels of evaluations to help you get started on a fitness path to a healthier you. So, if you think health clubs or gyms are not for you, maybe you are right! Please come and try our unique medical fitness facility to experience the difference…. no crowds, no distractions, just results!


Small Group Exercise Membership

Enjoy the benefits of personal training combined with the motivation that comes from being part of a small group exercise class for 50 minutes. This program will add a dose of high energy and motivation to your workouts led by a personal trainer. Just keep guessing…bosu, free weight, machine, kettle bell, stretch, medicine ball, cardio, strength, definitely cross train, burn calories, and maximize RESULTS!
  • It does not matter what fitness level that you think you are at, our trainers have the knowledge to progress exercises to accommodate all fitness levels and adapt for old injuries. Safety and personal attention are why we limit the number of participants for each group exercise class.
  • An assessment to determine contraindications, establish objective goals, and document results is a must.
  • Accountability and motivation are keys to success. Classes are appointment based, with the option to lock the spot you want, and you are always welcome to drop-in based on availability.
  • If you decide to no show or just go missing in action on us, we will call and hold you accountable.
See our schedule at the bottom of the home page or click here.
Customize your own group and time! Call for details.


Physician Referred Exercise Program “PREP”

With the recommendation of your physician and the oversight of our staff, we proudly offer the P.R.E.P. program. Our Physician Referred Exercise Program is the safest way to begin an exercise program. This 2 month jump start program includes:
  • Pre & Post Fitness Evaluation
  • Full Private Membership Access
  • 3 Educational Sessions
  • Individualized Exercise Program
  • Individualized Nutrition Program
  • Unlimited group exercise (if approved)
We can will work with your doctor and provide wellness services to supplement the care that you are already receiving. Click here for a script to our program, ask your doctor if exercise is right for you, and choose Body Structure.
If you have a HSA, FLEX account, or any other health spending account, this program may qualify for its use.

Post Therapy Program

After completing a physical therapy protocol or if you are currently being treated by our physical therapy staff, it is important to maintain momentum and integrate a tailored fitness routine into your plan and overall lifestyle. It is the perfect time and natural progression of our program at Body Structure.
Our post physical therapy programs will complement your condition in a way that strengthens your body where you need it the most and minimizes the risk of an injury recurrence. Once you are ready for exercise, our physical therapist will recommend implementing it into your plan of care. Our physical therapists will ensure that you have a plan that works best for you and your body.
If you have not been working with a Body Structure physical therapist, our exercise physiologists are available and want to discuss contraindications directly with your treating therapist. You can take that next step to being better than ever with Body Structure!

Health Coaching

Body Structure’s health coaching style creates a dynamic partnership that will motivate individuals to move toward satisfying and healthy lifestyles. Our coaches use both progressive and practical strategies to guide people to clarify desires, explore lifestyle options, and enhance personal accountability. We will help you take action for your own optimal health.
We offer both private and group coaching sessions. Body Structure always customizes the frequency of the plan based on needs. We will help you take action and guide you along the way to optimal health.

Corporate Membership

Body Structure’s corporate health and wellness program provides a cost effective membership at our facility as well as on-site seminars and personal or group training services. Inquire with your company to determine if your employer is enrolled in our Corporate Partner or WorkFit Corporate wellness programs. If your company does not participate in our program, one of our administrators will contact your Human Resource department to begin the necessary procedures for enrollment procedures.