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The Body Structure team has proven methods that continue to produce proven results for over 20 years! Few, if any, medical conditions or injuries are too complex for us to address. Our team includes Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Dietitians, and Massage Therapist, who are all here to collaborate and develop an individualized plan of care. The opportunity to add a Primary Care Physician to that team exists, which is Dr. Lee W. Ricketts II. Dr. Lee is an Internist of over 24 years who believes deeply in prevention and a proactive approach when managing his patient’s current conditions. We bring experience and science to every aspect of this concept and have confidence that this is one of the most effective Total Prevention Care Programs anyone can find. All of us at Body Structure will work to safely push an individual to their limitations and provide the needed level of accountability to keep that person on the path to a healthier life.
Contracts and memberships are always optional and a pay as you go for all services is available. Take the first step, call to set a complimentary appointment to discuss your needs.



Is to implement safe, individualized programs emphasizing healthy lifestyle modifications for long term results. Empowering you to be a healthier you!


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