WorkFit Corporate Wellness Program

Body Structure has been providing health and wellness services to the Lexington area for decades. Our company mission statement exemplifies the concept of our corporate wellness design. Based on the corporation and employee needs, we will define and focus on individualized wellness strategies. The question is always, “How long and how much?” Unfortunately, it seems the majority of the responsibility has been shifted to the employer. It is Body Structure’s job to find the quickest and most efficient way to turn the health and wellness responsibility over to the employee and display our efficiency to the corporation’s financial investment (ROI). Our staff has the experience to develop an efficient wellness plan to decrease corporate liability and cost, while increasing employee productivity and long-term health.
WorkFit Solution
1. Professional Planning with Objective Quantification
2. Accountability Systems
3. Decrease Intimidation Factors
4. Team Building with Motivating Incentives
Health Screens
Lunch and Learn Workshops
21 Day Health Initiative
Dietitian Programs
Incentive Program
Health Coaching
Work Injury Management
The options are endless call us today! We are confident we can help you make a difference in the lives and well-being of your company and employee’s!