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To Body Structure:

As a conscientious consumer I find it imperative to write this letter to say, thank you to Body Structure for putting me back together and reducing my pain and stiffness, toning my body, and building my strength. A personal thank you to my physical therapist, Theresa Hobson, and my personal trainer, Josh Morton for their contribution to my mental and physical wellbeing.
As we start the aging process it is inevitable that our bodies will start to wear out but I am a prime example of what good physical exercise can do to reverse the process or at least slow it down. Six months ago I was having severe back pain and it was radiating down into my right foot, making it difficult to walk short distances. It took me at least ten minutes to get out of the bed in the mornings due to the pain and stiffness. After seeing my physician and going through a series of tests and a MRI it was confirmed that I have spinal stenosis, damaged L3, 4,and 5 and osteoarthritis. I was then referred to a neurosurgeon for anticipated surgery. I did not find this to be an acceptable option. After several weeks of physical therapy under the guidance of Theresa Hobson I was noticing a decrease in pain, was able to walk longer distances and the stiffness had lessened. Theresa was very supportive, provided me with exercises to do at home to continue my progress and recommended a personal training program. After conferring with Josh Morton he agreed to accept me as a client. To ensure continuity of care Theresa provided him with information regarding my back and what her treatment plan consisted of.
After four months with Josh I am now what I call a walking miracle. My back pain has been reduced 75-80%, I no longer have foot pain and my overall stiffness has had a significant decrease. I work with Josh two days per week, and I attend LSR classes two to three days per week. I am even running 1.5 miles and for me that is a miracle because I am not a runner. Horseback riding is my passion and I can now get off of my horse without experiencing severe lower back pain.
Thank you Body Structure for providing me with two dynamic people that helped restore my physical health and mental wellbeing. I will be forever grateful.

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Motivating Stories

As a healthy 33 year old female, I have never had to worry about any major aches or pains. I have been rather lucky when it comes to being able to move without any problem until I injured my back. The grueling pain began while I was simply sweeping my floor and bent over in an awkward fashion. I was on the floor unable to move and had to be taken to the ER. I found out that I had bulging L5 disk in my back with nerve root contact. The pain was unbearable; I could not sit for long periods of time and had to walk slowly while bent over. After spending 3 days in bed and not able to interact with my children day to day activities, I was referred to Body Structure. I was very nervous that I was going to experience more pain with my visit. Several people told me that physical therapy was not going to work and that it would make it worse. With a scary surgery looming in my future, I decided to give it a try; the pain could not get much worse right?
My first visit with Michael at Body Structure was very pain free! He made me feel very comfortable and made sure I knew they were not there to hurt me. My first visit went very smoothly with very little agitation to my back. I was sent home with some exercises to do on my own. I followed my physical therapists advice and did my exercises as instructed. I was 50% better just after my first visit! By the time I was scheduled for my third visit my pain was completely gone. I was back to normal activities and not crying in my office because sitting hurt my back. The best part of my recovery with Body Structure was they gave me my independence back. I was back to playing with my kids, cooking and cleaning in no time.
When physical therapy is needed for any injury I recommend Body Structure to all my family and friends. Anytime you have medical problems that affect your way of life you need professionals that care about you well-being and recovery. Body Structure is that type of facility; they will make sure you heal as fast and safely as possible.
Jennifer Wagoner